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so guys

May. 20th, 2017 12:49 am
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i dont actually get along well with this character and i lost muse quickly for him
good thing this was a test account, eh?

I will delete this account in the near future as to not keep dissapointing people, and instead start to rp the character i wanted to rp as all along :}

and with these words i bid dearest fare thee well

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Such a wuss.

[The god's singular eye rolls once and then darts around in search of a conversation partner, jagged mouth soon curling upwards as he finds what he wants]

You, however, seem less of a wuss.  Ever met a god face-to-face, darling? I'm surprised you're not screaming.

(profile-located rp starter for anyone wanting to contact me)

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Charlatan is, to make it plain, a trickster god that specializes in illusion and tricks, as well as gambling and fraud.

Those under his realm of influence are: gamblers, snakeoil-salesmen, quacks, thiefs, stage magicians (note: if your character is one of these people, I will leave it to you to decide if Charlatan has influence on them)

He's not a god from earth, instead belonging to a distant alien species. He just got bored of his job and decided to take a time out while his servants deal with the work for now. He likes to travel planets and fuck with the locals until he's bored or gets chased out of town.
While usually pulling people over the barrel, he looks upon frauds and quacks with approval and might even help their endeavours for the time being if he likes them - if they manage to trick him in turn, they might even get a small boon.

Charlatan cannot be killed permanently by normal means. His physical form can die after extreme violence is applied to it, but he will eventually be back (and maybe out for revenge). He is cowardish, fights dirty, and will quickly attempt to flee if the fight is not going in his favor. (note: if you wish to rp a fight/kill him, notify me)

He's a free-spirited and sleazy individual with little-to-no sense of personal space, easy going and down for any sort of tomfoolery you can think of; it's very hard to get him mad in the first place.

Charlatan usually has the body configuration of a rather muscular male and also identifies as a 'he', but can change physical details at will. It's not like Gods are going to care about such a flimsy things as biology. (if you wish to rp explicit content, notify me so we can decide on details and boundaries! :} )

Charlatan wears his human disguise around mortals, but can drop it at will. The revealed form is not his true form, but he wears it often, as he is comfortable with it.

The human disguise seems to be around 35 years old, and almost always walks around with the depicted clothes, regardless of temperature.


Charlatan will not bother with disguising if he knows the other character is a non-mortal or no ordinary human/creature.

Charlatan's undisguised form can be viewed without his consent under following conditions: the person viewing him is a child (under 6 years old), or the person is incredibly dumb. Alternatively if a character manages to steal his necklace (the symbol is a hamsa hand) and put it on, they will be able to view his true nature (warning: Charlatan will get very mad about this; the necklace is a universal translator among other things and removing it will hinder him from communicating properly, which is why he watches over it carefully)

If your character possesses 'true sight' or 'third eye' or any variation of it, they will be able to see Charlatan undisguised without any problems.

Lastly, if you have any other questions (or critique?), feel free to contact me!!



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